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Have fun. Watch Cruise by the Men of Provoq.

Johnron Tanada, Provoq Man

A friend sent me an email expressing his importunate desire to see Cruise by the Men of Provoq on August 10 at the NBC Tent. However, his apprehension in staying at the VIP section is that he will be confederating with the happy geezers – the moneyed chichi fossils of a bygone era. I’m thinking of a stereotype, say, the geriatric fashion designer garbed in a tunic top from his latest trip to Pushkar, slavering at the boys onstage. That is apprehension enough to my 20-ish pal – clean-cut, athletic, charming and closeted.

Yet, Lex Bonife [screenplay writer, Ang Lalaki sa Parola], who was so gracious in reserving two VIP tickets for me, was also expressing his surprise to me the other day at the demographics of the ticket buyers, most particularly the VIP seats. Lex divulged that most ticket buyers to the show are the youngish-to-the-yuppie types. Not the “predatory” [his word, not mine], slobbering, rich golden-ager.

Methinks, Cruise is for every gay and happy person who wants to have fun with the boys [There will be other guys – dancers, stripteasers, aside from the main men of Provoq]. Just check your apprehensions and worries at the doors [one separate entrance for VIP ticket holders], and have a grand time at the fleshpectacle.

For ticket inquiries to Cruise, you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745.

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  1. Why is it that when a gay person ages and still enjoys life he is branded a geezer or a moneyed chichi fossils and people in their 20-ish as being clean-cut, athletic, charming and closeted?

    For years gay groups have been advocating for recognition and equal rights, sad to say the same people practices age discrimination and stereo-typed mentality.

  2. yup agree to what anonymous said, hehehe!

    Anyways, i was able to get through vivas hotline to ticket reservation, Yahoo!!! gonna pick them up by fri. I just reserved for d general entrance of ….shush…P1,000 each! any suggestions on what time should we line up to enter NBC tent??? tnx

  3. I agree 100%
    Most of the time these benefits are earned and achieved through the years of hard work and sacrifice. To reap the rewards are just but fair and deserving.
    Life is but a cycle – me today and tomorrow its your turn.
    But what a pity state to grow old gay and BROKE.
    Think my friend.

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