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Johnron out of Provoq?

Just how true is the buzz that ultimate Provoq guyJohnron Tanada had already asked to be released from the hunky group? I was talking to a talent manager last night and he casually mentioned that Johnron has indeed resigned from Provoq. When asked why, talent manager said that the popular provocateur was not happy with the financial aspect of his contract and the way things were going in his career. Poker-faced talent manager further declared that Johnron and the rest of the guys got paid only Php 4,000.00 each at the Cruise show last August, which fee apparently dissatisfied some of the guys in the group considering that they had to rehearse till the wee hours of the morning. Also, talent manager mentioned that shy Provoq guy John Miller has also resigned from the group [which must explain why he has been seen dancing at Lips Bar of late]. Anyhow, here’s hoping that Johnron and John will find other areas where they will grow in the vast expanse called showbiz.
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  1. it is not minimum wage LOL
    it’ll become “minimum wage” if it becomes monthly.minimum wage for daily is around 250.

    hopefully johnron will have his break.he was very hot in hubad videos esp with the bald guy.sayang at wala syang frontal though bakat naman hehehe

  2. Spectacular! My favorite Johnron completely naked. Nakatalikod nga lang. Now I’m very very curious what kind of meat is dangling behind his butt. Is it one of his two balls or his dick itself? Kung etits, nasaan ang balls? Haaay, Johnron, now that you’re out of Provoq, saan ka na namin ngayon makikita?

  3. hopefully, it does not go steeply downhill from here for this fine young man. not unless of course, as fate would have it, that he rolls downhill towards moi. 😉 (pagbigyan na, pasko naman eh) LOL

  4. johnron’s foto comes as a stress-reliever after more than a week of turnkey engagements that deprived me of a peek at RD’s blog. rd, you must be in love with johnron too. i searched your archive and lo! this is your 7th post on him – not counting group posts where he is in. this foto is already in my johnron folder that also contains his kanto and hubad vids (filenamed “the man who would be mine”…hehe), and i’m loving every lickable, fat inch of this guy – the sweetest and kindest face, the greatest bod, the most succulent crotch i have watched, the warmest handshake, and…the most “hardening” hug i have ever experienced. merry christmas, johnron, and if viva was not kind to you, cum on me – oops, come to me, your mama, as a gift pack from heaven this christmas, and for life. lol

    to all johnron lovers, Merry Christmas! and Peace to all those who hate him.

  5. I WISH I WERE A FLY… in the boardroom of the Provoq management team, then i would have known all the nitty-gritty details of the johnson saga…or, who would have shouted “JOHNRON, YOU COULD BE REPLACED. THE WAIT LINE IS LONG AND THEY ARE ALL EAGER & WILLING TO DO MORE.” *****
    (sad comment)

  6. to anonymous (December 20, 2007 6:26 PM). are you maple? your distinct and light writing style reminds me of her. i’m sure you are maple, the asterisks **** that end your comment give you away. but why did you choose to be anonymous? well, it’s none of my business nga pala hehehe merry christmas!

  7. juice ko san na kaya pupulutin ang career ng wannabee na itich. as if kukuhanin sya ng legit companies like abs cbd, GMA, or Regal films noh! balik nalang sa paghuhubad sa mga low class gay bars? pabooking na lang sa kung sino sinong bading who can afford his P4000 asking price. (haha) or worse, mag aabang nalang ng customers sa QC circle?

  8. on minimum wage: P250 is a regional minimum wage. daily wage for metro manila and NCR ranges from P325-P362 plus cola (cost of living allowance). but johnron is not covered by this since he does not have a fixed monthly salary, nor is he a daily paid worker. he is given professional fees (the standard term used in ITR for consultants, talents, and non-salaried seasonal workers) which can be so arbitrary and exploitative. and P4000 is indeed an insult for weeks of rehearsal, not to mention baring it all, and bearing the stares of, uh, a salivating the audience.

  9. From an insider, I heard that Harry and Justin were paid higher than Php 4,000. They were both paid Php 15,000 each from what I heard because they are Provoq’s primary stars..Php 4,000 for Johnron is okay since he cannot be called a star yet..He has not made any movie that will prove his STAR VALUE…But his pictures are worth more than Php 4,000 here..Sana di na lang sya umalis ng Viva, paano na ngayon?..What happened to Raymond lim? Di ba lostchina na rin? Sayang naman…Walang tiyaga, walang nilaga….

  10. Correction to my earlier comment (December 20, 2007 11:06 PM):
    The last phrase should read “…
    and bearing the stares of, uh, a salivating audience.”

    Re Johnron’s leaving Provoq (if indeed that’s true): while he may be considered “walang tiyaga” by some, he should be admired for his principle, for not allowing himself to be pushed and exploited. and i will even love him more if he totally gets out of this “modelling” business and live a happy and low-profile life with…me, forever and ever. Lol

  11. by the way, you will be surprised to know that raymond lim has an account in guys4men. his profile name is provoq123. maybe he opened that account to advertise he is for hire? or – this one is more likely – to hook up or seb with gymfit guys?

  12. Si Demure, in love talga kay Johnron. Pohtah ka, ako rin! How can there be “peace” to all “Johnron lovers” e inangkin mo na mahal ko, huhuhu!

  13. Hi, Demure. You’re either a lawyer involved in labor cases, or a union officer. Anyway, thanks for sharing the info.

  14. MAPLE is gone…she has gone on an indefinite sabbatical leave, trying to find the true meaning of the expression “life of Reilly”. my latest GPS points her location in a rented thatched hut beside a hacienda in the slopes of Oaxaca. one day, she was spotted reading the Kaballah under an avocado tree. early in the morn she goes to the nearby sacred cenote to comb her now shoulder length hair. she was also spotted frolicking nude in the beaches of Zipolite, a fave of swiss, swedes, finns and norges. by nightime she travels to nearly Escondido for a taste of picadillo and mole washed down by don pedro tequila and some “puffs”.

    i met Maple at the Gaiety. we were both seated at the front row. when the xxx movie was about to be shown i spotted her in the washroom giving shoeshine to one of the dancers. she was thrown out and banned for life from the historic cinema. later i would meet her at the “U” campus where it so happens we were both taking post-graduate courses. she on an “E” course while i was just on the regular. at that time she was alredy working for a stock brokerage firm on wall street.

    one day, i met her at the haymarket on 8th and 45th. oh, was she ever drunk. she was red as Capt. Morgan but still talkative like a mynah bird. she told me some hot stock tips she got from the brokerage and from Martha
    Stewart. her dream, she said was to retire early and open a bank account in Barbados.

    we finished our courses and parted ways. then one day i received an e-mail from her. she was at an internet cafe in rockley beach, using an old 386 with a dial-up- internet. she said her stock tips paid off (thanks to enron, bre-x, worldcom and martha stewart). she now has a hefty bank account in Barbados. SHE WAS HAPPY!

    she introduced me to hot men in the Philippines and said, “continue to blog using my style, light and even temper but no hesitation in throwing the kirpan, if so needed.”

    yesterday, i received my christmas gift from her. a set of ginsu knives and a note that says, “use these to sharpen your tongue and to rid of obnoxious and pandering characters you will meet in the blog.” I put the knives away, no need for it in this civilized world, eh.



    i believe in symbolism, dats the reason for the asterisks, but my real name is ‘BIRCH’

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS DEMURE (sorry i have to be politically correct coz I wear a hijab). *****

  15. this one is great narrative, anonymous! (december 21, 2007 7:09 PM). wow, maple is now a birch, another shrub? great transformation. now i know where you are coming from, maple. what you wrote is an excellent allegory of your rich experience and the positive, maybe cultural and religious, perspective you bring to this blog. keep on blogging and let’s keep those toxic gases away. (by the way, i should also be wearing your hijab, right? after all, i’m supposed to be Demure, hehe..A HOLIDAY TOAST TO YOU, TO RD AND HIS FOLLOWERS, AND – I CAN’T HELP IT – TO JOHNRON. CHEERS!

  16. Birch or Maple, it’s one and the same person trying to sound like a retired, newly rich (not nouveau riche, though) intellectual who fantasizes that the world is her oyster. So he still drops those exotic names of foreign places where he could laze about and lounge and be in anytime–in his own mind. Using a third person to refer to oneself is an old literary device. It could be infinitely boring, too. Maple even imagines himself a woman.

    Sa pagnanasa ni Maple kay Johnron, para siyang si Dirk Bogarde sa last scene ng “Death in Venice,” natutunaw ang tina mula sa buhok at tumutulo sa pisngi ang kolorete, he’s grotesque, napakailap ni Tadzio, yung beautiful boy na hinahangad niyang makamtan, simbolo ng lahat na bagay na di natin makakamtam, maybe truth and beauty, maybe purity, maybe love.

    Carry mo? Hahaha! Sineryoso ko raw masyado.

  17. what a narrative from maple, pardon me, i mean, birch. it spiced, laced and spiked this sometimes boring blog, like homemade eggnog needing a few shakes of cinnamon and my grandmother’s secret ingredient -RUM, RUM AND MORE RUM. and who do you think i would like to share this eggnog up to the last drop (or lick) – gorgeous JOHNRON of course – ahhh, sense of intrigue!!!!!

  18. Hi, Demure. Pilya ka. Para kang movie reporter na nagpapahula. Sino naman ‘yung ex mo “who shacked up with (you) for 2 years, p—- b—- of DLSU-Dasmarinas varsity.” Name names na lang, please. Ahahay! Celeb na talaga kumare ko, kasi pati past love life niya, may nagkaka-interes.

  19. Alam mo johnron, tama decision mo to resign from the group, sa ganda ng mukha mo at lakas ng sex appeal mo, ilang bading at matrona ang kayang magbayad sayo ng 10 times ng talent fee mo. Kahit ako, kung kilala mo lang ako, just name your price, kahit eskortan mo lang ako, sunduin kita sa macau, ASAP!!

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