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The latest on Johnron

When Johnron Tanada was younger and not yet dulled from the ways of the [showbiz] world, he looked a lot like the photos above. Since he has apparently shied off from the klieg lights, I was wondering whatever happened to one of my favorite Provoq Men? Recently, a gym bud of his revealed that Johnron has not been seen lately at Global Gym in Intramuros – where he usually does his workout. Apparently, he is now studying to be a seaman or some “cruise job” somewhere in Ermita. Does this really mean that Johnron‘s leaving showbiz for good?
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  1. that’s a nice pic, the 2nd one with johnron standing… hawt…

    speaking of where have they gones, i saw erie matic at a mall recently, with probably a wife and kid. still tall and handsome but has packed a bit more in the midsection than desired. a usual ailment for hot guys, i think…

  2. dambuhala. kalokah. ang matres ining, patubuin nah. san namang barko ka sasakay? putcha. saliwa talaga ang karir ni vaklah. makapag-enroll nga sa pasukan at by some stroke of luck, we end up being bunkmates. pero kung turnilyo man lang o plank sa quarters moh, puede na rin. tile kaya sa common cr ninyo? hmmmmmm….;)

  3. here’s your answer. just got back from Guilly’s in Tomas Morato extension where the Manila leg of the Infinit’ Hot Bods was staged. Johnronn – along with Adrian Racho and another guy I forgot his name – competed and lost yet again to be part of the top three winners Adrian Asor, Ian Paglayanan or something and a newcomer Gilbert

  4. Just saw him about half an hour ago at Guilly’s Bar near ABS-CBN. He was competing in a contest sponsored by Ginebra. Unfortunately, he lost. Winners were Adrian Asor, Ian Lionel (the guy who was supposed to represent the Philippines in the Mr. International contest) and Gilbert something from Pampanga.

  5. Dear Mr. Dantes,
    Realy no comments to make,whoever you post just leaves me breathless and wanting for more
    of our kababayans who I have not been encountering for a long time cause I have not been home for sometime now.Would just like to sincerely thank you for all your time and effort to maintain this trully wonderful blog let’s just say I am not embarrased to admit I adore Asian men especially Pinoys
    and you have unselfishly been sharing your treasures to all of us.Please do not stop cause after a hard days work to support my poor family I come home to enjoy as soon as I open and log into your blog.Thank you so very much!!!

  6. “Mossimo finalist tinalo ng mga baguhan? HAHAHA!” How about a leading Man of Provoq, tinalo rin? I wasn’t there so I cannot say there was an anomaly in the selection of winners. Maybe the lucky ones were really luckier, or better. RD, how about pictures of these guys so we would know if they are really better than Johnron and Adrian?

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