Ballsy: Renan Soco

Renan Soco is probably about 28 years old now. He was the winner of the 1998 Maharlikang Pilipino – Tourism title. A native of Valenzuela City, he stands 5’11 and 1/2″. He tried to enter showbusiness too, appearing as a bit player in the movies and tv soaps.

5 thoughts on “Ballsy: Renan Soco”

  1. WALNUTS? noh, too big for walnuts CHESTNUTS? noh, too light coloured
    BRAZILS? of course not, they are nicely shaped not angulars.

    AHH!! PILI NUTS (in the raw stage)


  2. why are these male pageant title holders/contestants have to pose like this? aren’t they keen about their titles and reputations?

  3. VALENZUELA, BULACAN? isn’t that the city where the town of pulo is
    located. there you go – now i see the connection – those are not gonads but a pair of putong pulo. could this be an ad for philippine tourism, advertising the sweet delight of his hometown. a superb treat. very addictive …..

    joking aside, RENAN YOU’RE CUTE.

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