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by: rddantes February 26, 2008 | 11 Comments |
Richard Guebar‘s a regular here. He’s been seen in indie movies of late, most famous of which was his rising-from-the-jacuzzi scene in Sikil. Talk has it that he did an xxx-rated flick for European release. So far, that video has not yet found its way here in Manila. Richard Guebar, who used to join bikini contests, is determined to stay and make his mark in showbiz.
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11 Comments on "Richard Guebar upfront"

  1. nikayel says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks RD, tagal kong hinintay to, Happy Anniv

  3. #1 fan says:

    ang daming birds these past 3 days. pero sana yung picture ni ido malaki para kitang kita cya.

    rd, isunod mo naman sa post mo ang hubad n pictures ni gabriel fajardo. thank you

  4. Anonymous says:

    Perusing at a local supermarket chichiria section of chips, burritos, botanes, i can’t help notice the zillion offerings, varieies available for junk food lovers (only in pinas). ’tis my analogy to the diversified, availability of men in this website: hunky dories, twinkies, dancer/models and simply vendor-looking guys. to each his own for contentment is the key to life to 80. LONG LIVE THE SITE. it is like a daily dose of Lipitor… life preserving and sustenance…

    STILL BASKING IN MANILA’S SUN (or sometimes lack of it). *****

  5. demure says:

    another lean and dishy guy i want to see in full glory is tim valenzuela, plus victor valerio!

    ido, tim valenzuela, gabriel, and valerio with their 4 Pillars? that would be formidable!

  6. Anonymous says:



  7. shopaholic says:

    OMGosh! may contact number ka ba ni richard ateng? type ko sha i contrata for 24-hours of pleasure. hihihihi.

  8. shopaholic says:

    Gosh ang daring at hindi pa galit ha? Hahaha. RD penge ng contact no. ni Richard at nang ma contrata ng isang gabi ng kahalayan! Hihihihi. Mwah.

  9. Anonymous says:

    supper, i like it, perfect

  10. Anonymous says:

    supper i like it, perfect

  11. Anonymous says:

    contact number of richard pls.

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