Everybody loves Rodel!

Hello Rodel! Are you sitting down? Good, because I need to tell you something. You must come back. I just blew 500 freakin’ pesos for one magazine, the ones with unknown nude Filipino guys in various states of undress. And you know what? I just remembered you. Yes, you of all naked men from the past. I mean, you can sock it to these wannabees how to pose for a magazine. All they show are butts and pubes. They don’t have balls, for crying out loud [To refresh your memory, you first posed for a Seiko Films’ promo shoot showing your cojones. That was so, uh, ballsy of you!] And they don’t even come close to you, looks-wise. So, how about coming back? Maybe some show of skin, for all time’s sake [I heard you still look great Down Under, I mean, in Australia. Are you really settled there for good?]. Surely you still have many queer folk-fans out there. Leonardo’s now in Queens, probably getting fat from the burgers and fries and burritos. Harold’s nowhere in sight, maybe he’s back in the boondocks of Nueva Ecija or firmly settled somewhere in a Kyoto club, I don’t know. JC’s gaining weight, lots of ’em, I saw him a few months ago in P. Burgos, Makati’s red light district. And the great Anton has disappeared, too. So, there’s not much competition. You’ll be Burlesk King all over again. Imagine the adulation and the money. So, why not a comeback?

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