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Now this is tough: If you were to choose between Luke Jickain and Vin Abrenica, who would it be and why? Older or younger? The mestizo one, or the moreno guy? Large pink areolae or small dark nips?
How about between James Zablan and Sam Ajdanii? Hard model bodies with interesting faces. One’s in the industry for long already – say, ten years or more, and he’s still getting good projects on the runways. The other’s fairly new and sought-after.  Take your pick.
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  1. luke, obviously, he’s more handsome than vin. Luke is a whole package, from head to toe gwapo, si vin katawan lang ang gwapo, butterface ika nga nila.

  2. Wala man lang ako makitang redeeming factor kay Vin abrenica. Maski maganda katawan nyan di ko pa din papatulan no!

  3. Sa unang pic, waley! Sa 2nd, si James syempre! Malaki bird yan kaya nga naging favorite ni Lola Rhey Pamaran nyo yan !

  4. bakit kaya mag kaiba ng nose si vin at aljur.. si aljur napakatangos ng ilong si vin sarat na pnago! hahaha so alam na? retokado si aljur! hahaahah

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