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He’s not Brazilian, but we’re getting the whole macho, virile man thing with baller Thirdy Ravena. Bangin’ bod, thicc thighs, and that lovely color. It’s always double the sexy when it comes to athletes who are powerful and strong.

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  1. Yung burat nya besh super veiny, sakto lang haba pero malaki ang ulo mushroom head! Super veiny at pataas ang kurba to the right. Malago rin bulbol. Sarap

    1. Paano mo nalaman mamsh? Pabooking ba sya? tinatanong nung old friend ko na beks (na di maalam sa internet, kinulit ako kanina) na tayp sya

  2. Puhrang gusto ko po patalsik ng dirrty nya sa fez ko po, my Momsh RD!!! Sherewp siguro madirrtihan nya ng white sticky fluid nya… yummm!!!

  3. “… Pour yourself all over me. And I’ll cherish every drop, here on my knees”.
    Lyrics are excerpt from a love song by an American female vocalist.
    Prompted here by comments of @ Keberloo and @ Live, Life and Lande.

  4. @Keberloo Pano nyo daw po nalaman? Pinapatanong po ng OLD friend ko na bekz dito, tayp sya, nagppturo na sa kin magonline chat at comment hahaha

    1st comment ko to.

    pajoin nakakatawa mga comments dito

  5. Nakasabay ko to sa Gold’s Katips years back. He was working out with Brix Ramos. Lakas ng dating in person. Medyo mataba yung etits pero nakakalaway yung kilikili saka bulbol.

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