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  1. Si MVP? Woooow jackpot di ba very rich yun? Gay pla un. Sya ba yung kapangalan ng sikat na boxer? Naku d ako smart… Tama ba ako?

  2. Sarap himurin! I will be more than willing to pay him inordinate amounts para lang madilaan ko buong katawan niya!!!

    1. I have to agree. Sarap nga himurin nito. May pic sa instagram niya na silang 3 nila Jeron and Thomas Torres na nakaflex ang arms and ar lits exposed, heaven.

  3. with a handsome face and a body to die for yet NGSB… that’s surprising! could he be that he is PLU? at 22, he should have a string of gfs. but if it is true that he is the apple of the eye of a prominent businessman, possibly he is also gay… becoz usually gay gets attracted to another gay depending on the gay’s preference which could be a macho-gay, closeted gay or the parlorista type. hmmmmm….just thinking out loud! peace!

    1. Wake up. It’s 2015. Sex is sex no matter who you do it with. ‘Tis more pleasurable, of course, when it comes with benefits, like money galore, a car, a condo, etc.

    1. bakit? di ka pinapatulan ni josh? baka wala kang pera! may kasabihan na, “money makes the world go round!” kaya malay mo kung pumatol sya ng bading or not! go ahead rd. spill the beans!

  4. This is definitely a big HOAX! Josh is a very decent and religious guy. He is nice and friendly to everyone he meets and maybe thats why this is being misconstrued as something else.

  5. kung NGSB si josh ibig sabihin virgin pa sya? ang suerte naman nung prominent businessman kung sya ang maka-devirginize ni josh! kakainggit!

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