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  1. i can’t really guess coz looks are quite deceiving, there are men who have huge bods but teeny weeny down under while there are skinny guys but have big dicks.

    1. That is because you have NO IMAGINATION, Bakla!

      For certain your penis is as tiny as a mouse, bakla, kaya jakol ka lang jakol with tweezers!

      Tama, bakla?

    2. Alam na namin yan, tapos na ang break mo. Tumahimik ka na. Oh, huwag mong kalimutang pakainin yong mga aso pagkatapos mong linisin yong sasakyan ha? Ang mga tuta, paligoan mo rin mamaya…

  2. OMG, RD! I love Ali! Such a tease! Can anyone from the alter world target him? Please! HAHAHA! Get him naked, team! Bumped into him a couple of times and he’s oozing with undeniable sex appeal. Sherep! Sobra!

  3. I don’t mind kung malaki or maliit ang kargada ng lover ko. Ang importante ay marunong syang magreturn demo sa mga pinagagawa ko sa kanya… Hahaha..

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