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      1. Callboy ang sideline nya?
      A. EG FALCON
      C. SI KOYANG NASA RIGHT (di ko sya mtandaan)
      2. kun kumilos sya parang berde rin ang dugo nya?
      3. me mga bading sya na ginamit pra mkapasok sa shubez?
      eto ansirs: B,C, A. SURE NA!

  1. Ahaha my source is a girl who he has been fucking with. U can just dream about it rather than being foul with ur comments.

  2. poster boys for… what? omg! sure, they are olredi flirting with ‘da who’ status in their acting career. but to become THAT desperate? hmmmm… just d same, yummy nman cla so panalo tau jan. wish ko lang d next ‘pasion de amor’ type of production would feature younger, fresher up-and-coming (up-and-coming daw oh. rd, alam na!!! ung nka flag ceremony ang hidden treasures) actors like dominic roque, jon lucas and diego montano. mas masarap! ahihihihihi!

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