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  1. Iago is staying in the West Coast (CA or NEVADA)

    Mama Rey Pamaran was the one who financed his trip to the US and got him a place and it is Mama Rey who knows where he stays. Check his photos.

    Art Natividad Ortiz – Working for a hotel in Arizona. Still got in illegally and that is why he hardly posts photos.

    Cedrick Evan Vergonia – Also hiding in NYC, with Bong Prada Lim no doubt and seems to be close to a very young Fil-Am that is trying to make it big in the music industry.

    Joseph Doruelo – Also in hiding in San Francisco and is doing some photo-shoots and is none too afraid it seems to post his whereabouts online.

  2. Rd, may mas magandang dick shots si ido dati..isa pang pinagjakulan ko nuon ay si steve na mas malaki ang nota kesa kay ido..post mo nga din si steve rd..

  3. Gary has a unit here. Magkaharap ng bldg ang mga unit namin. Yummy pa rin sya. We sometimes see each other sa pools. Love his crotch vpl.

  4. Hi RD,happy anniversary been a follower since 2007 the meninthephilppines.com days ahahaha grabe nostalgia again RD, Happy anniversary!

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