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    1. Not hipon unless you have a boyfriend that looks like Chris Evans/Hemsworth/Pine/Pratt, then you can continue calling people hipon.

  1. before zanjoe marudo sya yung naunang maraming shows kahit walang fan base, altho in fairness ito bukod sa katawan may mukha

  2. After some heated actions, my BF settled in a position pretty much like Amir’s. I rested my head on his chest. Almost instantly, he gave me a one-arm hug. He fell asleep in that position while I felt his heartbeats and listened to his snoring.

    That was an absolute bliss.

    1. Clap clap clap.. Ang galing ng excerpts mo from your Romance Novel, oh wait, is a short story lang?.. Kailan ba ipapublish?.. Ilagay mo ang pic ng bf mo sa cover ha pag may pumatol na publisher, para makilatis!

      1. Thank you #lmao for thinking I was a writer, albeit with a tinge of sarcasm. Fact is, I am just a poor office worker. Another fact: The “excerpts” you reacted on.

        Peace and beauty to you, my friend.

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