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Vivo Ouano lets it all out!

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      1. shisis, how r yeah? are u fine like i do? i missing u. i heard both of us has aida already.. so wat? it doesnt made us less of a gay hihihi we stil have to ba merry xmas ourselves.. labia!

    1. ungas 65 years old kana bakla… kung maka dad bod ka… sa panaginip mo 150 years old na yun jinajakol mo. matandang baklang ‘to echosera

  1. Happy ako kay Daddy Vivo at may career na ulit siya.

    Pero mas happy ako sa mga executives sa Dos. For sure, satisfied sila kay Vivo. Haha!

  2. When he was just 17, he dated my much older girl friend for 3 years. Yummy daw yan and gifted! Too bad my friend never showed me nude pics of him. She was kinda selfish I’m realizing now. Hahaha

  3. No problem if he is now a dad. It’s very intriguing, eyebrow raising, something AI ADAI and controversial if he was dad when he was below 18 yes old.

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