Hot Men in the Philippines

Rendon‘s VPL

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    1. Impostora ka! Ako lang ang nag-iisang Inah Evans a.k.a. “mother kepler” “barangay queen” “baklang kanal”

        1. Hoy Rita Ipaktita! Kilala ko pagkalansa mong bakla ka! Alam kong ikaw ang numero unong Impostora dito! Don’t me bakla!

          1. Tonta! Nagpakilala na nga, kung sinu2 pa hinahanap. Ako ay ikaw, at ikaw ay ako. We are peymous together. Ako din si Anonymous, Inah evans, Rita Pintasera, Anonymous, impong in-peymous, Anonymous, atbp. Hindi ba obvious? Then, I must be doing a good job!

  1. He is so hot. Rendon, but he is just a brother of Renee Salud. Tendons mother is thecsister of mama Renee.

  2. Body goals! Grabe ang cuts ni koya and he definitely did not skip leg day.

    Ps. Geez, some creature is doing a horrible job impersonating me, it can’t match my intellect so it decided to pull me down to its level. Good thing creature can’t be witty even if its life depended on it, besides, its horrible stench is so giving out its real nature. Tsk tsk tsk…

  3. He is hot only if we see his dickfie and cover face. No dickfie , adios!
    Wha cannisay, ah am soo tea-gang!!

    Yahu madaña gue’ gi akaun facebook-hu kumu na atungo’hu

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