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    1. Nakaka 3 months n ko sa gym, at parati n lng sinasabi ang payat ko na, kc super chubby ako dati.

      Oo nga pumayat na ko, e gusto ko rin magkamuscles gaaah. Ang mahal ng supplements,I want to be as hot as the guys I lust so I dont lust for them anymore.

      Thanks for this post queen rd, its truly an inspiration for gym noobs like me.

  1. he was game enough so show a bit of his man bits and pose with another equally almost naked guy. I’m sure theres more of these shots somewhere

      1. Eh yung kasama nya habang naka taas mga arms sino naman yan. Mukhang matagal na iyong pics kasi may mga tattoo na sya ngayon

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