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      1. ‘Takes’ is not an adjective even in this sentence. RD used the present tense to suggest historical present, since his statement is a caption of a photo. 🙂

        1. Ateh, I know po that “takes” is a verb and not an adjective and tama ka po na in that sentence it is used as a verb cause it is a verb and it will never be an adjective. Kaya nga po I said “I THINK he used that VERB as an adjective” po kasi nga po it is being used as a caption for a photo. And captions are like adjectives in a way kasi po they describe a picture di po ba?

        1. Ateh, pakibasa po ulit, when did I say na it became an adjective? Sabi ko ginamit siya na parang adjective. Pag sinabi ko ba na ginamit ang panyo na parang towel e magiging towel na ang panyo?

    1. Surely, he is a Malaysian. He is a Malay and a Muslim. That’s the reason why I like Malaysians more than the Filipinos because Malaysians are more sexually daring than the Filipinos, even if you compare to softcore Manila Pinoy pornstars of 90’s and early 2000’s. Which means Malaysian Muslim boys can show their boyhoods dauntlessly which Muslim Filipino boys can’t. That Malaysian boy is not the Zie Naval and Kiko A of Malaysia. The right Filipino equivalent is Andrew Wolfe. Do you remember Andrew Wolfe had nude photo? Both Andrew Wolfe and that Malaysian were products of Mister World.

  1. Mga baklang ito ang laki ng problema palagi sa grammar. Parang it’s a matter of life and death if someone is not gramatically correct.

    1. If a language having wrong grammar is English, (very) big issue. But if a language having wrong grammar is not English such as any Philippine languages like Tagalog, it’s not a deal at all! Why it’s like that, having lingual double standards?! Much better focus on watching photo of a naked boy than making a wrong grammar a very big issue if it’s English.

  2. It’s also used as a title, similar to news headlines. The present tense form is more attractive to readers, since it denotes freshness, that it is happening now.

  3. It’s also used similar to news headlines, wherein the present tense appear more attractive to readers since it denotes freshness and timeliness.

  4. Titigan nyo na lang ang pic mga teh at itigil na ang pagcorrect ng grammar. Sa school nyo gamitin ang mga karunungan nyo sa grammar at hindi dito na ang dapat lang natin gawin ay iappreciate ang mga pics. Wag ng magdunungdunungan para lang sumikat!

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