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  1. OMG type na type ko sya. I’ll be playing Chuva Choo Choo for 24 hours on February 13. I’ll see if he comes next to my door the following day and ask me to be his Valentine’s date. That’s what my bestfriend and fellow marble told me. Effective daw. #MiraculousPowersofChuvaChooChoo

  2. Mukhang intense ito sa kama, at parang maraming posisyon kayang gawin. Gusto ifuck nya ako habang buhat buhat nya. Enserep sakyan

  3. Kung mag-jiujitsu kaya sila ni Dennis Trillo na naka-trunks/boxerbriefs lang.. Tapos may grappling in closed guard position silang drama.. Todo yun, bulge to bulge!

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