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    1. Kilala mo din pala si Johny Rapid. I am a fan of him (Rapid) too. I have some Porn HD videos of him on my phone haha! Ang kulit niya, masyado syang pala-sabi. Hahahaha. Lalo na yung porn video niya na “Im Leaving You Part 3”. ❤❤

      1. kala ko ba snob si johnny? sinabi ni diego(not sure?) na nakita nya daw sya sw tapos sninob daw sya

        1. Hello 8:35am, 11:55pm here. Si Johny Rapid ba na porn star ang tinutukoy mo? Wala kasi akong kilalang Diego na may connection kay Diego. Apologies ahehe

          1. Yes. I remembered they talked about it on their Men Exclusive contest thingy, so it has to be either Diego S., Alex M. or Landon M. My bet is on Mr. Sans.

          2. Let me clear my statement, “Wala kasi akong kilalang Diego na may connection kay Johny Rapid.”

            Anyway, parang nagets mo naman girl kahit nag redundant pagkacomment ko.

            Okay girl, igo-google ko yan ang tungkol kay Diego, and the other boys you mentioned. Haha

      1. Hahaha, tong pisonet queen na to kunwari galit kay Andres, yun pala bet na bet pakbet nya. Ayan seen-zoned naman palagi!!! Pathetic! Lolz…

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