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    1. Karamiham sa gwapo hindi ganoon kalaki yung mga kargada nila, tamang tama lang makapagpaligaya. Pero meron din naman kakaiba, gwapo na malaki pa yung mga kargada nila, yun ang mga pinagpala, lalo na dito sa pilipinas.

    1. As if naman yung mga guapo at hot papatol sayo. Be contented kung etong si Patrick pumansin sayo.

  1. Sean Jizde Ortega’s ex and current barkada of Marco Crowley and King Antonio Marquez.

  2. oh my patrick! didn’t know you have a scandal photo din pala. sino kaya nagpakalat nito? ang ex nya na gym bunny na si dj kyle?

    pero in all fairness, guapo talaga itong si patrick and makinis. and he comes from a rich family. galing pa niya mag skipping rope sa gym. artistic. patikim naman ng hotdog mo na sinolo ni DJ Kyle for a long time. hehehe!

    1. If living in a “townhouse located in an area belonging to average-icome families” is your idea of “wealthy”, Dearie, then you must belong to an average-income household.

          1. No, Dearie! You’re referring to yourself with that gutter-grammar you keep typing out.

            Now, Shoo!

      1. if you are referring to his lodging place in cubao right now, then you are pointing at the wrong domicile. do your research first before rebutting my statements

        1. No, Dearie, we’re well aware of his supposed “wealth” which was concocted by him and a few of your ilk to make him appear “high class”.

          Sorry, Dearie, but you have to be a bit more convincing than what you’re typing out.

          1. Sorry, I am in this website to feast on hot boys and air my opinion. I am not here to sell my ideas, specially to strangers who have no stature or bearing to my happiness.

            You are just a typical faggot who who finds fulfillment in coming up with condescending opinion even if they are highly unsolicited. Typical famewhore.

            1. Keep trying, Dearie. You’ve convinced yourself that much already. Keep trying til you succeed.

          1. The prepositions at and to after ‘point’can have very similar meanings, although to tends to be used in more abstract contexts, such as drawing attention to a particular problem or fact” (A Valency Dictionary of English, 2004)

            There you go grammar nazi. It ain’t dead the way your cum-filled brain-residue tells you

            1. You would have sounded convincing, dearie, had you not copied and pasted your Google-derived explanation.

              Next time, do better.

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