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  1. Hinotel na naman ang colbam na’toh… RD oh, ung love of your life back to business as usual….

  2. The race is on to get out of your bottoms. If you got that reference, you’re old (like me).

      1. oh?!?!?!
        parati ko sya nakikita tambay sa megamall, sometimes even playing sa kids zone…
        naiisip ko tuloy, ano ba to? nag aantay na may lumapit sa kanya or may hina hunting or nagpapa hunting?
        para kasing unlikely for someone whos in showbiz…

  3. Napanood nyo ba yung Tinik? Yung movie nila ni Ricardo Cepeda. Grabe intense love scene nila ni Lemuel doon.

    1. We need gay celebrity figures who break the stereotypes. If they cant do it for themselves, then do it for the closeted people who are afraid to come out as gay

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