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  1. Mondi says:

    sana yung hindi photoshopped.

  2. Jaycee Cash says:

    Sana hindi pinophotoshop ang bulge. Ughhhh…

  3. Daniel Fanatic says:

    Love you dandan even though you’re older na and you exactly looked like my handsome uncle.

  4. Andres says:

    An sarap…. Lol….

    • chiminurva queen says:

      Tama pala yung sinasabi ng basher mo at apulit-ulit lang comments mo.

      Problema lang dito ay mali pa spelling mo.

  5. siomai says:

    Pogi at yummy as always

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bet na bet mo talaga sya mama..sabagay sarap nmn kse eh..

  7. chiminurva queen says:

    Ang weird ng upper lip niya.

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