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  1. Bongga Marcos says:

    Stretch mo rin last ko

  2. cocoy says:

    meron ciang mga bulge pics sa ig. parang malaki itlog

  3. Anonymous says:

    I smell something fishy with this gay ( este guy pala).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bisexual ba ito?

  5. Bonifacio says:

    Pupuwede na… Lol…

    • chiminurva queen says:

      Hoy, Basher ni Andres! Bumalik si gaga at me bagong username pero di lang iniba format nung comments niya.

  6. Antonia Checkov says:

    He is kind. His balls are huge and he is not fond of bathe, takot mapasma.

    • Anonymous says:

      pano mo alam ayaw magligo? parang i love him more na. i mean may valid reason naman. mahirap mag suffer pagtanda. saw him once and kalidad!

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