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  1. Anonymous says:

    good luck sa finances ni new gf

  2. Anonymous says:

    La ocean deep throat

  3. titob says:

    idk but he doesnt do it for me. so pretty but seem lacking with angas . maybe coz i also like my guys rougher on the edges and border on being ugly . lol

    • chiminurva queen says:

      Inah Evans is that you?
      Omg.nagdi-disguise na si mother kepler

      • Inah Evans says:

        Tigok na ang main account ng tunay na Inah Evans sa facebook na may 60,000 followers. Report din natin yung isa pa nyang account na 13,000 followers para wala nang kapangitan ang maghahasik sa social media.

  4. Bonifacio says:

    … Makes me feel fine…. Lol…

  5. Shaider says:

    Nandito parin sa Pinas yang walang talent na Brazilian na yan.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Si erich, nakaluwag-luwag na. Sya kaya? Kaya pa?! Lols..

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