Hot Men in the Philippines

Armpits Andrea

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    1. But at least now, Mr. Jonas Gaffud signed him up in his Empire Group, together with Pia Wurtzbach, Neil Perez, Josh Barfuss, etc. Nothing ventured, nothing gained? Not Andrea!

    1. Ewwww! Part ng good grooming ang pag-trim ng pubic hair, ano! Kadiri kaya ang masukal na forest down there!

      1. pits are naturally grown for males. trimming or shaving of pit hairs is a preference.. you maintain your cleanliness thru HYGIENE.. baklang toh

      2. gaga ang sabi nya no to *shaved pits and pubes” shunga shunga kang bakla ka iba yun trim sa shave. Naturingang sa parlor ka natatrabaho hindi mo alam yun? maglamaso ka nalang ng sahig! sa kubeta! GO!

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