Hot Men in the Philippines

Scandal boy Matthias Rhoads

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    1. mas checheap yan kung ilalagay sa Ebak..lalandiin lang nila VG at nang mga Execs na mga juding..idagdag mo pa mga hunks kuno nila na mga bading din…ganon lang naman kacheap sa EBAK

      1. mas cheap ka kasi jejeboy ka…daming channel uy…use your remote…masyading fanatic ng channel….yan ang cheap!

    2. Andaming triggered with what I said. Well totoo naman. He was hot in the beginning, but quickly fizzled after he moved to the Kamuning Station. LOL

        1. Of course not! I just stated a fact na naging cheap and unappealing siya when he moved to your favorite network. Coincidence or not, it is what it is. There are a few actors(if I know their names!!! LOL) that I appreciate even if they are at “that” station, Wendell Ramos is one.

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