Hot Men in the Philippines

Tease: Alex

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      1. Same with me and u and u and u ur gonna love me ho ho hihi chumanta shi akesh .. wensha na me Aida na is ako

  1. wow maka eww bakla. ano ka ba? straight? bobo. wala kang pinag aralan. kaya homophobic ang mga pinoy dahil bakla kapwa bakla nag lalaitan. get yourself educated stupid a hole

    1. tama ka jan xanderford. kapwa bading anliit ng tingin sa kapwa bading pero gusto equal rights kunwari, pero kung maka pang-lait sa kapwa bading wagas! only in the philippines though. here in abroad LGBT community sticks/unite together. in words and actions.

  2. gay people in philippines stands/shouts for “no discrimination” in the society and yet they discriminating gay people like shit! this is sad. kapwa bading, anliit ng tingin sa kapwa bading. well..only in the philippines! :/

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