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    1. Yep so small I thought I would be hurt but I was not. I got him 3 years ago I drunk all his saliva and semen it was bitter. I was first vice not u

  1. Wow ang perpekto ng dalawang unang nagcomment ng eww at chicken legs. Ano sya mano at ano sya at napa eww ka dai. Tse! Pasalamat kay rd may pantasya pa. Alin kung wala nganga ang mga kabaklaang gaya nyo! Fyi

    1. thats what you call preference… wag pakialaman.. whats euww for tem may not be euww for ronnie , for you or for anyone else..walang point na patulan at arguehan

      1. …on tv! Tv is free, the big screen is the ultimate test for stardom! Until one carry a movie to legitimate box office success, one can not be considered a Big Star! Don’t cheapen the tag ‘Big Star’ by attaching it to just about anyone!

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