Hot Men in the Philippines

Mr. World Phils contestant Andrea Biondo

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  1. Ehrmsh, grabeh grabeh aman pouh xi papah, xuper yami aman pouh neah! Xo hotz lyk oh ehrmsh pouh! Hihi…

    1. Italian at High Class siya para pumatol sa isang Jejemong Baxura tulad mo.


      rereply na yang si Trashy Baxura! Wait for it! Wait for it!

  2. Is he open for bookings? And if you know, how much?

    Heard from some little birds he’s got a thick dick with a real nice mushroom head. So I need to see if it’s legit haha

  3. If he does not get the World assignment, he could also be assigned the Eco Filpinas tilt. And if he wins that, not only will he be its inaugural king, but the victory will give the country the rare distinction of having won BOTH the female and male titles in the SAME year. Cynthia Thomalla is the current queen. Go check! Only India has BOTH (World, Miss and Mister), in recent memory.

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