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  1. He actually posted two photos of his body ,before and after he was able to workout his body to attain the muscular physique in the after photo..that is what you have to post nxt rd

  2. Is this meant to body shame him? He’s beautiful even if he has a little tummy.

    Body shaming other people is not cool or acceptable in these times.

  3. he is heavy set since his teens. this post is meant to ridicule him. why don’t you just post your face so that we can also mock your appearance, stupid fag

  4. >body shaming is unnacceptable
    Holy sh*t, if you are unhealthy, you need to be told. Being deluded in thinking that a person is beautiful in an unhealthy disposition is a retarded idea.
    Real talk lang ang sasalba sa buhay mo.

  5. I don’t think the post’s intent is to malign him. Every one who makes it to this site may be anyone’s object of desire. Not every queer who comes here longs for a six pack. Some of us find men with bulges (not just in the groin, but all over) sexy. This one is drool worthy!

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