Hot Men in the Philippines

JC Tan’s dick pic coming up!

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    1. I have been a supporter of this site since 2008, when it’s still “men in the philippines”. I am thankful for this site but as much as I hate to admit it, it’s true that there has been a lot of promises; and a lot of waiting. I miss the old days when there’s “Dick-a-day” almost daily, now it’s “thirst trap”.

      1. Ang hasik mo baks. Chill lang. Nireremind lang namin si Mamang Rd sa promises nya, naglalambing lang baga. K baks?

  1. Whoootzies!!! Gulphzh! Yashsh pouh mamah RD! Me shoooo wanna shee JC’s dick peoh lam koh na he findsh me pangetz coz bashura lungz akoh! Baho-baho koh!!! Gang tingenz nalangz koh uleh!!! Hihi!!!

  2. E totoo naman. Nauubusan na ng content si tanda. Namimili pa ng comments. Gusto magpa delight para bumalik ang mga tao. So kung kaya idelay, mangangako yan hahaha. We wish you well. Thank you but its time to retire.

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