Hot Men in the Philippines

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  1. shockers… yummyness galore na sana, pero yung briefs, ginawang swim trunks?? tapos briefs pa na pang lolo ang peg? vintage jockey briefs kayo diyan! hahaha!

  2. Heeperzh! Ohw ehm, shoo hotzh aman pouh neeh pahpah dahndahn qeuoh! Grabeh, yummyeeh evurrr!!! Chup chup chup! Hihi!!!

    1. Heeperzh! Ohw ehm, shoo not happee kashe wai dey remove meh frum pichur?! Akoh at shi Shtraighth Uhph Pwetty Raph Baeh yung bashurahan sha likod ni Dandan! We shoo angree! Hihihi

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