Hot Men in the Philippines


Carlos Concepcion’s ex-, Mondy has since moved on. Is happy now.

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    1. You do because you just took some of your “precious” time to comment on this post. People that don’t care don’t comment that’s how they do it..!! scroll pass next time 😉

    1. You are so ignorant. Know the facts before you blurt out such hypocrisy. There’s a reason for it. Gays don’t just get married bec they want to. Educate yourself. AND DON’T DRAG YOUR RELIGION HERE. IT WILL STILL BE A SIGN THAT YOU ARE IGNORANT.

      1. Admit it or not, same sex marriage is immoral. It destroys the sanctity of marriage. Say NO to same sex marriage; Say YES to same sex relationship. You can still be with someone you love without destroying the sanctity of marriage. Educate yourself, too. “Gays don’t just get married bec they want to” tell me, what are the other reasons why gays want to get married? To show and to prove their love for one another? I don’t think so. At the end of the day, marriage is just a shitty paper full of pacts. A real relationship doesn’t need something to agree upon, but a heart to do what will benefit both parties.

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