aeron 3 aeron 4Aeron Cruz joins B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest on May 27 , 2015 at the Music Museum. Buy your tickets at TicketWorld 891.9999, Music Museum 721.0635  or with Roldan 090 535.95091.

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  1. Tuwang-tuwa na naman ang mga bakla… Lol. .. . Let’s start the bidding. .. Do I hear 5k? ?? Lol…

  2. Elite Super Model Quest my ass!

    Try another bikini open wannabe.

    Halos puro kolbams and bikini konteseros ang contestants. Ang mga press release pics ay yung nakabukaka ang mga bikini-clad contestants na nakaupo sa mini stools for maximum protrusion este projection.

    And the organizers have the audacity to declare this an elite model search in the same league as Bodyshots? Kaloka ever lang noh.

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