14 thoughts on “Abed Green Teasin’”

    1. Official FuBu na po siya ni Fashion Designer TON LAO itong c Abed, monthly allowance-designers clothes-free gym fee plus exposure sa Modelling career ni Black Horse yun na!!!

  1. Attention FAME WHORE!!! and we love it ๐Ÿ˜ he fulfills every gay fantasy we ever wished for… obviously heโ€™s into it Basta Tamang Price & Break-Exposure. Jakol video mo na kc yan.

    1. True!!! Sa -BERmonths expect mo may jakol video na ito, this attention whore guy is so thirsty for fame n fortune. Aware siya sa target market niya: GAYS!

  2. di lang ako masyadong elya sa kanya lake ng pusod halatang public hospital pinanganak hahha char

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