13 thoughts on “Ali Asistio, Bulge Selfie”

  1. He’s so hot. Wish he would go full frontal in his films. With as much as a show off and exhibitionist he is you know there’s gotta be nude pics and vids out there. Is he gay? Straight? Bi?

  2. Isang araw, I dreamed him to inuuring niya ko then after I leek his cock and enter it in my whole. Halikan non stop, chupa ko after, then rim niya ko hay. I so love it.

  3. I remember when there were lots of witty commenters here in rddantes…napalitan na ba silang lahat ng mga jeje??

    1. Commence a good conversation/comment then. There’s always a witty side, an intelligent persoective in this blog

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