15 thoughts on “Anthony Semerad Now”

    1. RD why do you allow such trashy individuals like this to comment? Sa totoo lang napakairita na yung “puhrung” na yan. We thank you na nawala na yung sina Rapbeh at yung palaging nagpa PRAK pero favor lang naman pakitanggal narin to.

      We remember back then when such trashy and cheap comments were rare. You’ve gotten rid of the others, then why not this stain called Lande?

      1. Why do you keep on bashing lande? You are more annoying than lande will ever be in his lifetime! You are such a spoiled brat for thinking you can have your way all the time! Please RD, teach this creature a lesson by not giving in to his whims. As long as walang masamang content si lande, let him post whatever. Thanks RD.

        1. Why do you keep pretending to be a fan or supporter of that THING when we all know ikaw lang yan, Lande?

          Cheap annoying gay twat that you are!

      2. Geez! Thank you po for always using my catch phrase puhrang! I knew it, you were a fan since day 1! You love it so much keya you can’t help but use it. Thanks po!!!

  1. Laglag na Ang belly..
    Drink too much..
    Eating too much..
    Fuck his gf a lot..
    Getting old..
    Basketball career on the brink!

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