12 thoughts on “Beach Strip: Eian Rances”

  1. Very similar mold as Zach Guerrero (earlier Side Post). They should collaborate! Admin, make it happen & get exclusive rights… 🙂

      1. ‘Ay, Madame. Diyan magkakaalaman kung mahusay nga ang photographer. Dami’ng ganya’ng eksena sa smut (aka, filthy magazines). Orange fiery sunset, golden sand, gentle waves… Though rough seas go a long way towards concealing the ‘money’. 🙂

        (Admin, sabihin mo wala’ng pixelation para kita’ng-kita ang ‘painful truth’. Of course, your watermark, the stamp of quality.)

  2. fuhrung vuhgay sila ni zach guerrero. fuhrung duts nguh lungs sila. buti puh sina aleck iñigo at andrei king fuhrung mga daks.

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