6 thoughts on “Ben Alves Emotes”

  1. All tea, all shade; but there’s something wrong with his abs in that pic. Abs are relatively small, flat muscles that become slightly bulbous- and retain their shape- when contracted; they’re not supposed to sag like that. Also odd that his abdominis muscles are popping but his serratus muscles are not defined. You can’t isolate that muscle group without working the other.

    So either that pic is poorly edited to make his abs more pronounced or he had ab implants.

  2. Mga baklang tambay tingin nyo ba tulad din sya sa tito nya? Parang lagi sya post ng mga naked body nya, mga pathirst trap.. Di naman ganun tunay na straight diba? Alam ko naggaganun lagi mga bi or pamin….

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