20 thoughts on “Big Boy Joshua De Sequera”

  1. He is hot and sexy if he has nude scandal or nude scene like Conan King, Drei Arias, Juan Calma, Kenneth Medrano, Carlo Pasion, etc.

      1. What’s wrong if they are cheap? For me, nothing is cheap or expensive. For me, the only one who is not cheap to you are the Abu Sayyafs, the MILF, the BIFF and the ISIS members. Or maybe the Talibans are not cheap for you.

        1. Kahit na ang kanyang titi ay napakalaki, kung wala siyang hubad na video scandal, siya ay 👎👎👎 forever!

  2. guys sa bulge niya medyo juts… see the proportion nung torso tapos distance ng navel papunta sa testis… basta parang juts…

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