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Carlo Galano Gets Real

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  1. Ohhhh Ehhm Geeeh Momsh RD! Yer Dawther Ocampo ish sho back from her shummer vacay in Maldivesh pouh. Hihi…

    Ahhm, Momsh, puhrang shuper hot aman pouh shi Papa Carlo quoh jan sha pic nah yean pouh. Puhrang gushto quoh pouh lick lick yung shweat sa chhesht nya pouh eigh… Sherewp… Hihi…

    1. May peoblema ka talaga sa pananalita at halatang dika nakapagtapos sa pa aaral.

      Shoo! Get out of my site.

  2. There boy! That’s more I like it! I can suck on those nipples and lick those abs for days-including the sweat and the musk!

  3. Kumukha niya si Jon Lloyd Cruz. Sana RD, sexy photos nina KD Fedelin, Darren Espanto, zach Castaneda and mga youngstars

  4. May Gardenia at Ladies Choice mayonnaise sa table sa background…

    longgadog na lang ang kulang…

    isang masarap na sandwich na nakakabusog na!

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