9 thoughts on “Dashing David Licauco”

  1. Tinago. Eh may iba pa namang photos ng napakangang titi niya. Sana maghubad na siya. sayang pera david. daming opportunities. tanggapin mo na ang paghuhubad.

  2. yum! tho in my mind, nakaharap siya sa camera at nakabukaka. please make it happen, king david.

  3. What is it with men in red underwear? Especially if that man is David…It simply drives me crazy!

  4. Now I know what it is of him I can’t shake off…

    He can pass off as legit Thai native (elite class/caste)!

    I either read or heard that the country has the largest Chinese community in ASEAN, if not the world. So, present Thai DNA has a hefty chunk of ‘chine’.

    And speaking of ASEAN, go support our Team, y’all! 🙂

  5. Ang sarap mo talaga, David gusto kita i-lollipop yung titi mo at sisipsipin ng tamod mo sobrang tamis at malilamnam at masarap.

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