17 thoughts on “Diego Loyzaga Lovin’”

  1. Ok na man katawan niya except for the side of his waist na parang may belbel. Buti na lang walang tats sa upper body.

    1. Reggie lng yan tulad ng tatay nya xmpre ke casar magmamana nsa genes yun eh.kung ano size ng pudra yun din size ng sa anak.

      1. That reminds me of will.i.am’s, ‘I Got It From My Mama’.

        He goes, “if a girl is pretty, then I guarantee 9 times out of 10 she’ll be pretty like her mama”. Belated HM’sD, ganda!

  2. Sarap pag sabayin ni Cesar. Pero mas daks to kay Cesar kasi nag mana sa mga Loyzaga

  3. First of all, Admin, congrats sa UPD for the end of their four-decade ‘drought’. Paki-relay na lang, ha… 🙂

    (You & I, we should summon as much rain as possible, pala.)

    Gud Sun AM. What I wanted to really say was that I saw ‘Muro-ami’. Cesar Montano was obscured by the virile majesty of a Jhong-Hilario-in-his-prime! Don’t you think the former looked like Cop Perez (exiting Side Post) now?

      1. ‘Ay, mareh. You & BabyK* are friends, no? 🙂

        (* – Italian pop music celebrity)

        Alam no, lately ko na lang nalaman ibig sabihin niyan’g ‘inverter’. ‘Yun pala, it converts alternating current (what comes through our domestic mains voltage) to direct (parang sa dry cell ‘baterya’) current. Mas matipid daw kung direct current… Learn new things.

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