19 thoughts on “DJ Durano Still”

    1. Lam mo si David Licuaco malagkit tumingin sa mga chinito or chinoy na nag-gygym. Mala-mala dati sa Anytime Fitness sa Glorietta, grabe yan kung makatitig.

      Hahahaha kaya alam na.

  1. Is it me or does it look like the older he gets the more the “gayface” seems to creep in steadily?..or probably its just an overdose of botox..or both..ahh ewan..balasha

    1. Here I go again. I read too fast. My brain registered “utong” kasi the “u” in “sua” (which should have been “siya”)… 🙁

  2. napabayaan, di tulad nung sila pa nung namayapang derektor, halatang alagang alaga sya noon.

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