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Erik Visser Throbbing

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  1. Ang Daks ng Homophobic… panira GF niya sa career niya… Rich Kid ka pala then no need to enter Modelling and Showbiz career, kc diba Sabi mo ayaw mo sa any field of work na maraming bading???

    1. 1. I got a dig bick
      2. You that read wrong
      3. You read that wrong too
      4. You checked
      5. You smiled
      7. You are wandering why you’re still this reading this
      8. You saw that mistake…right?
      (on 7)
      10. But did you see that I skipped 6?
      10. You checked
      11. And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9
      12. I said saw you,not you saw
      13. I also skipped 2
      14. You got tricked
      15. I’m just wasting your time now go back to the comment section this deserves a like I’m just wasting your time

    2. 1) His pageant organization encourages their candidates’ girlfriends to be present at Screenings. 2) His 2nd Runner-up has a girlfriend, too. The organization does not appear keen to limit their pageant to gay fans. 3) Does pageantry count as “field of work”? Probably if you are a “contesero”. But he has only one under his belt, so far. Hardly a career. 🙂

      1. Actually not yet a “contesero” to be labelled at an early stage. Second, he can surely live the good life even without joining or proving anything, the guy is a RK if u know what I mean… Having a GF or having them around is not the issue, rumours has it that the GF (his GF) is a controlled freak and acting as if she’s d manager, the first n last say, plus his attitude towards gay people (though not in general)…

  2. in all his photos wherein he’s wearing bikini, his bulge is really that big!!! that’s what you call Dutch-treat!! …..LONG, BIG AND JUICY!!!

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