24 thoughts on “Gorgeous Graham Caygill”

    1. TROT! Kala kasi nila maliit, pag di matigas maliit na. Meron kasing grower na tinatawag at grower si Graham baby q!!

  1. I saw him once doing a vlog about singing in public. He is guapo but home much? He looks expensive. I cannot afford I like Graham tho.

  2. Naalala ko kwento ni DJ Mojo Jojo dati. Nung may pictorial daw si Jon Hall na naka brief, nahirapan sila kasi ang laki daw, kitang kita yung VPL. Di pa daw yun tigas ah. At least dito kay Graham, di na kailangan i-edit.

    1. Exactly. Dj Mojo said too that he kept the worn underwear of Jon Hall. Sinhotting it every night until one day, their gay kasambahay stole it. And gave it to his boyfriend. And the rest is story. The unwashed briefs now is the most prized possession of Bench Gallery in BGC.

    2. ?

      ‘Di ko na-gets… ‘Yun’g bakit unnecessary i-edit kay GC…

      But if you’re happy, that’s good and have a nice week ahead.

      1. ang ibig sbihin ni Anon sa taas is that dahil nga maliit lang yung kay Graham so not necessary na i-edit pa for censorship purposes unlike nung kay jon hall na dahil nga malaki ay nahirapan silang i-edit yung bulge

        1. Ooohhh…. Ang entiende ko kasi, kailangan pa’ng palakihin ‘yun’g kay Jon. ‘Yun’g kay Graham, perfect!

          ‘Yun’g phrase na ‘… kasi ang laki daw, kita’ng-kita ‘yun’g VPL…’, i-misinterpreted to mean na post-edit lang na-achieve. Baliktad ako!

          ‘Hay! Hirap talaga ‘pag over-reading. Salamat, ha.

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