34 thoughts on “It’s Yasser Marta!”

  1. (Can’t make up my mind… What 2 say…. Thought nothing could top d earlier PS side post. Admin, ur game s improve!)

    1. Ano ka ba mirror selfie yan. Marumi yung salamin.

      Yung hairy chest lang ata ang difference nya sa kanyang kambal na si Jordi hehe.

    2. scratches and stains ng salamin yun, just like yung mga nasa part ng wooden table on the right

    3. I was just looking at his old pics. He didnt have it before. He needs to see a doctor (kung hindi nya pa nagagawa). Usually, that’s a sign of insulin resistance. On a less serious note, probably constant rubbing in that area, but by the looks of it, mukhang serious yung condition nya. I hope someone here knows him and tell this to him.

  2. Nasaan na ba picture nito na meron daw ibang kamay na nakahawak sa etits nya, pinag usapan dati nila manay lolit, cristy f at mr. fu?

  3. Mas ok siya At I bet mas sisikat sa mga BL themes, sexy or daring at matured roles…… y not try to explore, Hindi ka mag-go-grow sa pa tweetums or pa sweet, pa-tanda na U……

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