15 thoughts on “Kirk Bondad Smells Sweet”

      1. E Di sayo na! Pinagsawaan ko na yan at sa utol nyang pekeng va-jay-jay Ang hanap!
        Enjoy na ako dito sa jumbo hotdog ni papa Sam!

    1. Meron naman but I agree… there’s something odd about him, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  1. Mga taga-North America, Europe at South America (Latino) mas prefer nila amoy putok Or may B.O. kc for them natural scent nila ito At ang man-funk ay tila turn-on Or aphrodisiac sa kanila….

  2. Handsome, sexy, oozing with so much appeal…I want to sniff and lick that inviting pit including the sweat and the muskiness! See what I can do with you Kirk…

    1. I will still sniff it…and lick it wet! The perversion I am willing to do for Kirk and Kirk alone….

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