13 thoughts on “Make Way for Mhack Morales”

  1. Admin, “Dancer”sequel-saga is in the works already? WOW. 🙂
    (Morales’ character will be the game changer… I mean, look at THAT. Just irresistible! PLENTY of Jacob Hsiao vibe sans facial hair.)

    Tattoo pa lang… Oh, gosh… My imagination is running wild and free…

  2. Educ. MAPEH grad ito, i-allow pa kaya maka pagturo after his macho dancer role? ‘Lam mo naman d2 sa Pinas, ang MORALIDAD kuno…

  3. 4th runner up to sa bnaked diba, producer din nun si Joed Serrano kahit di naman deserving. Bakit kaya malakas to kay Serrano?

    1. you’re always wrong dah dah dah doh doh doh

      makes no difference since you never get to meet any of the guys featured here anyway dah dah dah doh doh doh

      right, “Momsh RD”? dah dah dah doh doh doh

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