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    1. Being uncircumcised is not common to us Filipinos, but since he is only half-Filipino half-Scottish, it may be from his lifestyle back in Scotland. I don’t really think it’s mandatory to men, our culture/religion forces that custom forces that thinking.

      1. If not because of Filipinos’ bigotry, idiocy, toxic mentality and cruelty, we really sure almost all Filipinos are not circumcised at all, forever! Religion is not the main reason why male genital mutilation is highly prevalent in the Philippines. In fact, 90% of males Worldwide are UNCUT, including all UNCUT adult Filipinos. While the total number of uncut Filipinos are only around 6% of the total population of the Philippines or 6 million out of 100 million Filipinos.

        I’m so curious what part of the Philippines has the bit greater concentration of uncut adult Filipinos. Just like Mindanao is the largest concentration of Muslims, although Muslims in the Philippines is around 5%. I’m sure majority of Filipinos who are uncut are FULL-BLOOD FILIPINOS or FILIPINOS WITHOUT FOREIGN DESCENT BLOOD AT ALL.

    1. Ahm, Laki laki nga pouh ng titi nya eigh, pehroh, puhrang puhrfect nah pouh sana sya eigh kung kasing pogi nya pouh si Vin Abrenica. Hihi…

  1. Ito mukang daku. At parang mpag bigay. Ansarap sarap nia. Hihihi. Parang Gerald Anderson na malibog and not ashamed of it. Yummylicious!

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